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Mission 101 2009

Finally.  Here is my complete list of 101 goals to be completed in 1001 days.


1.   Make more time for reading.  It is one of my favorite pastimes but I rarely have time to indulge in it.  This may not sound like a lot but in 1001 days, I want to have read 65 books.    (0/65)

2.   Find and take a class in art journaling.

3.   Read more steampunk and cyberpunk literature.

4.   Go on a creative retreat.

5.   Spend one lunch hour per week at Caribou or elsewhere observing humanity and getting inspired.

6.   Go to at least two new galleries each year.  (0/6)

7.   Attend a starving artist fair.

8.   Draw at least three times a week.

9.   Take a watercolor class or classes.

10. Learn more about photography and use my camera more often.


11. Attend a poetry slam and read one of my poems.

12. Learn more than just basic PhotoShop.

13. Take jewelry classes.  Those pretty beads in the closet are not going to turn into anything unless I get my butt rolling.

14. Learn to speak at least conversational Japanese, but hopefully more. 

15. Attend at least two concerts.  (2/2)

16. Get caught up on my TBR pile.

17. Hold two book club meetings at my house.  (1/2)

18. Comment on at least one blog every day that I am on the computer.

19. Start a blog for Devi and Kali.

20. Hold a Super Bowl party.

21. Sing karaoke at a bar.

22. Go to the Renaissance Festival.


23. Research family history and update family website.

24. Get my kittens spayed.

25. Have family game night once a week at least three weeks out of the month.

26. Teach my son more life skills. - ONGOING

27. Take at least two mini family vacations each year.  (0/6)

28. Go out dancing with my husband.


29. Have at least $3000 more in savings by day 1001.

30. Pay off five credit cards.

31. Cut back my Caribou and Starbuck coffee purchases to once or twice per week.

32. Refinance our mortgage.


33. Volunteer at a shelter, teen center, anywhere I’m truly needed.

34. Participate in at least two charity events.  (0/2)

35. Become a member of and contribute to the Autism Society.

36. Organize an event for teens and young adults Autism spectrum disorders.

37. Contribute monthly to United Way.

38. Perform one random act of kindness each month.  (0/32)


39. Go to bed before midnight every night for one week.  Hopefully, I can make this a habit.

40. Spend a weekend day free of the computer at least once per quarter year.  (0/11)

41. Go ice skating.

42. Drink more water daily.

43. Complete a Health Care Directive.

44. Stop eating after 9:00 p.m. (I’m usually up until midnight every night).

45. Reduce my salt intake.

46. Lower my cholesterol.

47. Lose 30 lbs.  (0/30)

48. Practice yoga at least three times a week for three months (with option to extend).

49. Walk during lunch twice a week for three months (with option to extend).

50. Take more outdoor walks.  We live in an area where mature trees line the boulevards and we’re just a few blocks from a sleepy downtown.  There should be no excuse.

51. Take the stairs more often.

52. Take a CPR/First Aid class.

53. Take a daily vitamin…daily.

54. Bake bread from scratch.

55. Learn to cook one new dish each month.  (0/32)


56. Paint a mural on half of one dining room wall.

57. Buy a new bedspread for the master bedroom.

58. Paint laundry room walls.

59. Remove the hideous wallpaper in the kitchen.

60. Help my son get control of his bedroom by re-organizing it and helping him “let go” of some items.

61. Paint living room walls. 

62. Buy new curtains for the dining and living rooms.

63. Get the oil changed twice each year.

64. Make sure the cracks in the front steps are fixed.


65. Plant an herb garden.

66. Clear out and replant the large garden bed in the backyard.

67. Create and build something mosaic for the garden.

68. Remove overgrown bush from front yard and plant something slow growing in its place.

69. Replace old lamp post with a new one.


70. Organize my photos.

71. Combine the many address books I have into one complete book (as much as an address book can be complete at any given time).

72. Clean out and reorganize my bedroom closet.

73. Clean out and reorganize the hall and dining area closets.

74. Clean out the junk room.

75. Paint or drywall and paint the junk room.

76. Lay tile or carpet in junk room.

77. Paint bathroom basement walls.

78. Weed through my computer folders, photos and favorites. 


79. Have pink streaks put in my hair.

80. Buy and wear more steam punk attire/jewelry.

81. Throw out old shoes.

82. Remove makeup before bed.


83. Create and contribute to a professional blog page for my day job.

84. Be more present while at my day job.

85. Position myself to move ahead.


86. Read the books of the Bible I have not yet read.

87. Finish reading the last few books of the Left Behind series.

88. Participate in Sacred Life Sunday at least two weeks per month, but preferably more.

89. Show my faith through my actions.


90. Visit in-laws in Indiana.

91. Visit at least one out of state friend.

92. Take a real vacation.  You know the kind, where you actually have to throw some stuff in a suitcase and maybe catch a flight somewhere.

93. Visit family up north.


94. Join or start a writing club that meets in person.

95. Write and submit more flash fiction.

96. Win NaNoWriMo in 2009.

97. Win NaNoWriMo in 2010.

98. Write morning pages (see Julie Cameron’s The Artists Way) every day for at least one month (and hopefully more).

99. Write a book of poems.

100. Get published.


101. Create a new list of 101 goals for the next 1001 days.


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