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Intriguing American Title V Finalist

Jacquie Rogers interviewed American Title V finalist Marie-Claude Borque at Texty Ladies today.  If you read the interview, you'll find out what an intriguing woman she is.  I was compelled to check out her sites and enjoyed taking a fun quiz for which the results are posted here.  It looks like I'm of the majority.

What Celtic priestess are you?
You are a Priestess of Rhiannon At your best, you are empathetic, intuitive, sensitive, healing, nurturing, protective, emotional, compassionate, receptive, adaptable and flowing.

But focus your inner work so that you do not become co-dependent, overprotective, needy, insecure, hypersensitive, overemotional, martyred, fearful, disorderly, dishonest, or secretive.

The spiritual challenge you seek to address is: What patterns of destructive behavior have their source in inner wounding?

Your guide is the Blackbird : otherworldly messenger that calls you to the quest, reminds you to listen to the voice of your inner divinity.

Rhiannon is the Lady of Manifestation. She calls us to stand strong regardless of the challenges to our truth.

You are now a priestess of the Coven of the Callanish led by Lady Morag in the story ANCIENT WHISPERS which was in part inspired by the Pagan Avalonian Tradition. You can help get ANCIENT WHISPERS published by casting your vote online at http://www.mcbourque.com/
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